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Supply of bunker by truck

Nordic Marine Oil A / S guarantees bunker on time. We have our own facilities in many Danish ports and deliver by fuel truck to any other location in Denmark as well.

Supply by fuel truck is a safe and reliable way to bunker your vessel. A fuel truck delivers approx. 30 meters of marine gas oil per load.

Wide and close cooperation with hauliers throughout Denmark

To ensure the most flexible solution for you as a customer, we have a wide and close cooperation with hauliers throughout Denmark. This means that we can arrange delivery by fuel truck at all times no matter where in Denmark you need it.

Time-saving bunkering

When delivered by fuel truck, you can bunker where you unload / load your ship, saving valuable time. We believe that in future, customers may need even more flexibility when bunkering.

Time is a very important factor in the maritime industry, and we want to contribute to saving you time. Therefore we are continuously developing our concept so that we remain the best in the market and assure that you can bunker whenever and wherever needed.

We supply bunker by truck to all Danish ports

We supply bunker by fuel trucks to all Danish ports to facilitate bunkering your vessel no matter where in the country you are located.

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