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Lubricating oil for the Danish maritime industry

At Nordic Marine Oil A / S, we prioritize the best possible service and shortest delivery times. We stock a wide range of engine oils as well as hydraulic oils and greases.

Thus you benefit from our wide range of oils and professionalism. We know that a good lubricating oil protects the vital parts of the engine and prevents accidental wear and – in the worst case – accidents.

Specialists in lubricating oil

It matters which lubricating oil is used for the engine. For this reason, it is always a good idea to consult a professional supplier of lubricating oil before ordering. At Nordic Marine Oil A / S we have many years of experience with lubricating oil. We offer a wide and complete range such as MOBILE, TEXACO, FUCHS (formerly Statoil), KLÛBER, Q8 and SHELL to the maritime industry.

Whether you need a supply of lubricating oil in drums or bulk, Nordic Marine Oil A / S is ready to provide the best service and short-term delivery in all Danish ports.

Contact our specialist in lubricating oil for further information and assistance.

Good to know:

  • We guarantee clean products, delivered directly from the supplier in the original, sealed packaging
  • We guarantee that the lubricating oil has not been decanted, hereby eliminating the risk of contaminating the engine
  • We offer free on-board pumping of lubricating oil
  • Partner agreements are possible based on favourable conditions
  • Professional assistance and service
  • Oil analysis as an optional service

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