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Lubricating oil

Only about 2% of crude oil can be refined to lubricating oil or base oil. The process is highly complicated. First the oil is desulphurised, then dewaxed and finally unwanted aromatics are removed. And still the lubricating oil is not ready for use. Now additives are required to meet the specifications of the lubricating oil.

A good lubricating oil protects the vital parts of the engine and prevents abrasion.

It is essential to the operation of the engine which lubricating oil is used. Therefore, it is always a good idea to consult a professional lubricating oil trader before ordering lubricating oils.

At Nordic Marine Oil A/S we have many years of experience with lubricating oils, and our team is ready to assist you to make the right and best choice for your vessel’s engine.

Good to know: 

  • Nordic Marine Oil A/S deals in a wide and complete range of lubricating oils
  • We guarantee clean products, delivered directly from the supplier in the original, sealed packaging
  • We guarantee no decanting of the lubricating oil which therefore eliminates the risk of contaminating the engine
  • We offer free on-board pumping of lubricating oil to all customers
  • Partner agreements are possible with favorable conditions
  • Professional guidance and service
  • Oil analysis system

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