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The Port of Esbjerg was established in 1864 and since 1868, it has been a very important hub for the maritime industry in Denmark and worldwide. Today, the core business of the port is centred around fishing, wind and oil & gas industry.

Good to know:

  • 4 barges
  • Bunkers ex pipe
  • Supply of bunkers ex pipe from our self-service facility at pier number 7, where a Nordic Marine Oil A/S-card can be used. (Marine gas oil of a very high quality, sulphur content only 0,05%. Suitable for highly sensitive machinery)
  • Supply of bunkers by truck
  • Supply of fresh water
  • Supply of lubricating oil

Self-Service Facility in Esbjerg

In October 2016, we announced the opening of a new 50 m3 modern oil tank – in position in the Port of Esbjerg, pier no 7. The tank services the offshore and fishing fleet with high quality MGO 0,05% sulphur content. This product is highly suitable for those customers with more sensitive machinery.

Get an overview of Nordic Marine Oil’s self service pipes in the Port of Esbjerg  here.