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The Port of Thyborøn has a unique position in the central and western part of Jutland and naturally,  Nordic Marine Oil A/S is present in the port with its own barges: M/T JETTE, M/T STATHAV 11 and M/T STATHAV 20.

In Thyborøn, we also have our own self-service facility with high-quality MGO.

Good to know:

  • Own storage tanks
  • Bunkers ex pipe from own storage tanks and from our self-service facility
  • Supply of bunkers by barge
  • Supply of bunkers by truck
  • Supply of fresh water and lubricating oil
  • Call for “bunkers only” is free of charge
  • safe draft is 9 m (please note, 8 m in the Thyborøn Canal)

Get an overview of Nordic Marine Oil’s self service pipes in the Port of Thyborøn here.